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A little me time.

Satan's in the livingroom, choking me with apathy.
-Eve 6

So I get a whole day off, and what am I going to do with it? Probably not much. I mean, I am getting my comic books entered into the database, but after this, I'll probably just get myself some quality sim time logged and muse about being bored. Go me. Maybe Laundry.


I don't even know if I'm driven by anything other than survival anymore. I miss the days of running around in the woods on my day off with a few good friends. The connection I've always felt with nature is vanishing living in the city. I need a change of scenery, but that's not practical trying to save my money for Chincoteague.

I've been on a little emotional low-road lately. Ever since Ter, I just can't believe I spend my year working myself to the point of feeling too tired to actually do any of the things I love all for the promise of one week at the beach and maybe one or two weekends of hiking/kayaking along the Yough. in the mountains. I mean, by the time the chores are done and I'm fed and washed, I'm looking at an hour of me time on most days.

I know that's basically how adulthood ends up working, but it kinda just seems like the collective we missed the point somewhere along the way.