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At a loss for words...

"Breathing thoughtlessly in time/the cycles of the moon now past/Alive again I witness/who shall slumber on and/who like me shall WAKE AT LAST." -ThouShaltNot

I think I have to hurt someone now. I was told I'd love the show tonight at the Rex by more than a handful of people. I don't have any idea who they think I am, but clearly it is someone I am not. It was some guy from the Howard Stern show, which should have been my first clue, but it has been years since I listened to any of that sort of thing, and I do have a sickish sense of humorous so I figured it would be gritty and crude but at least I would laugh. WRONG.

It was nothing but Tit and Dick jokes, and tit and Dick jokes that weren't even funny. I got about ten minutes of enjoyment from watching the audience, who had paid "stupid money" for their seats, but my feelings of self superiority quickly faded to disgust and then depression as I came to realize Idiocracy is now. The insult comic made one joke about Ayn Rand that got me to laugh in the end, but it was only at the crowd who didn't understand or find humor in the only joke of the night that lacked any of the following words: Dick, Pussy, tits, fuck, or douche. That was my "I gotta go" moment.

Sometimes I am afraid that the human race is going to blow itself up. That experience made me fear we may not.