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I'm still alive.

But I'm not dead yet!
I think I'll go for a walk!

Just letting my little cobweb infested corner of the internet here know that I'm still kicking. Not much excitement. I work, I come home, I go to karaoke on Thursdays, occasionally to Trivia on Wednesdays, but most nights I'm in bed by 8. The bills are paid, comics are bought, and the podcast is procrastinated. (Which reminds me, I never dumped last week's recording from the card, let alone pieced together the edit. Eek.)

I'm not sure if the routine is bogging me down, or a sweet relief from when I was scraping the cash together to pay the bills, but I do know it's nice to always have enough money to not panic, even if the last few days to payday are often strategically planned around the automated bill payment.

I guess, if you asked the me who started this journal, my worst fears have been realized. I've become normal.

Normal isn't as bad as I thought it would be ten years ago, however, and I think it might be quite a relief from the times when I was so far off track as to barely know myself anymore. As long as I don't let myself do THAT again, I should be fine.